Reverse Calculate The Sales Tax Amount That Was Included Into The Total Final (After Tax) Price, Find Price Before Tax

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Reverse Calculate the Sales Tax, Calculate the Amount of Contained Tax

Price without the sales tax = Price with the sales tax ÷ (1 + Sales tax rate%)

Latest sales taxes reverse calculated out of final prices

Sales Tax Amount and Sales Tax Rate

What is the "Sales Tax"? What is the "Sales Tax Rate"?

  • The Sales Tax is a consumption tax imposed by states, counties or/and cities and municipalities in the United States on the sale of goods and services.
  • The sales tax is paid by the final consumer to the retailer at the point of sale as a percentage of the selling price of the sold good or service.
  • This percentage, called the Sales Tax Rate, varies from state to state, in Texas for example there is a general sales tax rate of around 6.25%.

Formulas: How to reverse calculate the Sales Tax and the Selling Price Without the Sales Tax out of the Final Sales Tax Charged Price?

  • "Sales tax amount" = "Sales tax rate%" × "Price without sales tax"
  • "Sales tax charged price"
    • = "Price without sales tax" + "Sales tax amount"
    • = "Price without sales tax" + "Sales tax rate%" × "Price without sales tax"
    • = "Price without sales tax" × (1 + "Sales tax rate%")
  • In conclusion:
  • "Price without sales tax" = "Sales tax charged price" ÷ (1 + "Sales tax rate%")

Example of reverse calculating the Sales Tax and the List Selling Price out of the Final Price with the tax

  • Let's say that a person who lives in an area where the sales tax rate is 5% bought some cider and had to pay a total of a $525 dollar bill that included the sales tax.
  • "Price without sales tax"
    • = "Sales tax charged price" ÷ (1 + "Sales tax rate%")
    • = $525 ÷ (1 + 5%)
    • = $525 ÷ (1 + 5/100)
    • = $525 ÷ (1 + 0.05)
    • = $525 ÷ 1.05
    • = $500 dollars.
  • That person had to pay a "Sales tax amount"
    • = "Sales tax charged price" - "Price without sales tax"
    • = $525 - $500
    • = $25 dollars.

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