Sales Tax Calculator: Charge (Add) the Tax to Listed (Before Tax) Prices, Calculate the Final Tax Inclusive Purchase and the Amount of the Added Sales Tax. Answer, Formula and Explanation

Add (Charge) Sales Tax to Listed Prices to Get Tax Inclusive Value

Sales Tax Charged Price = Price without Sales Tax × (1 + Sales Tax Rate %)

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Sales Tax Amount and Sales Tax Rate

What is the "Sales Tax"? What is the "Sales Tax Rate"?

  • A sales tax is a consumption tax imposed by states, counties or/and cities and municipalities on the sale of goods and services.
  • The sales tax is paid by the final consumer to the retailer at the point of sale as a percentage of the selling price of the sold good or service.
  • This percentage, called the Sales Tax Rate, varies from state to state, in California for example there is a general sales tax rate of around 6%.

Formulas: How to calculate the total final price of a good or service? How to charge the sales tax to the selling price?

  • "Sales tax amount" = "Sales tax rate%" × "Price without sales tax"
  • "Sales tax charged price"
    • = "Price without sales tax" + "Sales tax amount"
    • = "Price without sales tax" + "Sales tax rate%" × "Price without sales tax"
    • = (1 + "Sales tax rate%") × "Price without sales tax"

Example on how to calculate the Sales Tax

  • Let's say that a person who lives in an area where the sales tax rate is 5% bought some cider for $50 dollars, then that person would have to pay a total of:
    • 5% × $50 = 5/100 × $50 = $250/100 = $2.5 dollars in sales tax.
    • And the total bill containing the sales tax would be in the end: $50 dollars + $2.5 dollars = $52.5 dollars.

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